Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF) is a Resource Organisation, which seeks to promote accountability across the development sector workspace. True to its vision, FMSF believes accountability of development organisations is of paramount significance and thus, its various initiatives and activities are directed towards enhancing and developing a culture of holistic accountability within the organizations.


Since its inception dating to almost three decades ago, FMSF has been actively supporting partner organisations in South Asian nations by undertaking financial monitoring and capacity building of development organizations in areas related to financial management, legal compliance, and related governance aspects. Being an organisation involved in the area of education, FMSF reaches out to various development actors to bring awareness and even provide hand holding support through seminars, workshops, advisory, publication and web-based outreach.


FMSF has also been entrusted with the responsibility of grant monitoring of BftW supported partner organizations. In this context, the intervention is necessary to capacitate and train the partner organizations to understand as well as comply with the BftW requirements effectively. Therefore, FMSF has designed this E-Capsule, a web based course for training the partner organizations on BftW standards and requirements.