The very purpose of designing an e-capsule is:



Senior staff members, Finance personnel’s from existing partners and new partners should attend this Online Course.



There are a total of 5 modules divided into 30 Chapters that would be covered during the course.



FMSF has developed an interactive on-line learning platform and it will provide a unique learning experience. The combination of various learning tools makes the experience enjoyable to the participants.

At the end of each module, an interactive session will be conducted that would largely cover Zooming session, Questions/ Self-Assessment Tests, Case Study on understanding the learning of the participants.



The duration of the course is 12 weeks. This course is conceptualized on a rolling batch model. The Course will be in a batch which will be completed within 3 months and the first batch will start from June 2022. A total of four batches will be available in 12 months.



Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded a ‘Certificate’ of completion from FMSF. Participants are expected to secure a minimum 50% marks in self-assessment tests to get the ‘Certificate’. In case, the participant is unable to secure 50% marks, he will be eligible to appear in supplementary exams on request no more than two times and secure qualifying 50% marks.